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USB WIFI EXTENDER cables Home Made                                                                    INDONESIAN LANGUAGE

PVC Aluminum foil antenna

Can USE as USB extender cable for printer, modem, flashdisk, or other USB device

(Revisi 3.0)




Many request to me how to made USB WIFI extender cable on my Youtube pages in english version, maybe this explanation will help you, I hope.  There are two method connections. The first soldering connection follows on Table 1. The second soldering follows on Table 2. But in my experiment the cables well done working  with methods direction on Table 2, they can working up to 17 meters may be up to 20 meters.





1. Antena wajan bolic bagya

2. Workshop ndeso membuat antena wajanbolic

3. Stepstep membuat antena WIFI kaleng

4. Wifi rancangan

5. Rumus siap pakai dari Pak Onno W Purbo


Here people who use this methods:

1.vivi siska






Some Photos Document


Figure 1. Assembly PVC antenna to USB WIFI cables Extender



Figure 2. USB WIFI (TPLINK) or any brand as wifi signal receiver.                               Figure 3. USB cables use this just terminal only for soldering connect to with UTP Cables.



Figure 4. USB cable wiring explanation signal                                                                  Figure 4. UTP Cables commonly in colors wire.



Figure 5. Soldering cables to USB wifi terminal


Tools and material :

1. Cut USB cables  and use only their body/chasing (for professional only, soldering at his terminal) for amateur just cut USB

    cables be two cables.

2. UTP cables  original Belden CAT-5 (or other type number) make sure to use original BELDEN UTP cables 

3. Solder and tenol

4. Rubber isolation

5. Glue gun

6. USB WIFI any brand.


The keys

The key for successfully to make USB WIFI extender is any cables for GND/CHASING/BODY to connect with PC. For professionals electronics hobby maybe can experiment for up to 20 meters or more with voltage injection. Uses IC regulator LM7805 with source voltage from power supply PC (+12V) and place  near USB WIFI on the top.


To testing

Use your flash disk to test your USB WIFI EXTENDER, doing write and read data from its.


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