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Cook Stove from Sunlight Energy


oleh Arif Johar Taufiq


f you have a garage can make your own this Cook Stove, if not the order the Services. The principle of this stove is the point of focus is made to point heat the food, because at the focus point gather sunlight energy into one point. Parabolic curve of the material can be made from glass, aluminum foil, or other that can reflect light. Power up the hot stove, if you create a parabola at least more than one meter in diameter.

Principle to locate focus point formula to create this stove an adoption from wajanbolic as follows:

Figure 1. Focus point of parabola formula

important point for did not  kemlebon (editor: Java language = focus too get into), then the length of the depth (C) not too short. So the point of focus will be on the outside C (not kemlebon).





Figure 4. This model (collapsible) could you message in Bandung, but "forgot to see the store name in indonetwork








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