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Traffic Light Control Using AT89C51 (1)

By: Arif Johar Taufiq



Here are presented a small example of a simple traffic light control projects with microcontroler AT89C51 to four conditions. This example project can you develop itself into three traffic lights and two state (phase). Traffic lights 4 states or four poles means that one cycle consists of four state lights. The situation is more clear lights can be seen in Table 4.1 for the output lights used at UC AT89C51 port

Port 1.0 = Red lamp
Port 1.1 = Yellow lamp
Port 1.2 = Green lamp

Port 1.3 = Red lamp
Port 1.4 = Yellow lamp
Port 1.5 = Green lamp

Port 3.0 = Red lamp
Port 3.1 = Yellow lamp
Port 3.2 = Green lamp

Port 3.3 = Red lamp
Port 3.4 = Yellow lamp
Port 3.5 = Green lamp

Example easily turn on the lights Red, Yellow and Green on the eastern side of the road looking at the pictures .1 for the other side of the road is the same idea.



If the lamp driver circuit is too sensitive, the input base resitor tip of 4.7 K ohm pull down resistor can be plugged into groundi

Gambar 1. Driver ke lampu LED                                 Gambar 2. Arah perubahan nyala lampu


Traffic lights working chart four light poles are designed as follows:



Traffic Light Circuit







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