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USB downloader for AT89Sxx S-series (AT89s51, AT89S52,... and AVR micro)


Beginning of 8031 until the time of intel microcontroller AT89C51 Atmel AT89S51 and the next, then the microcontroller AT89S S-series is an idol among students. Well now because of technology trends and laptop PCs already left the LPT (parallel port) and COM (serial port) so more and more difficult to download the firmware into the microcontroller, via LPT or COM. Solutions to be overcome with AT89S S-series, because the facility program downloads with the ISP (MISO, MOSI, SCK, RST), then use the ISP downloader which is also commonly used for this AVR microcontroller type. Time to play man with AT89s so much easier via USB without hassle and unplug the IC.


Rangkaian USB downloader untuk AT89S series  dibawah ini...tentu saja juga bisa untuk micro AVR.


Gambar 1 USB downloader for MCS-51 (S-series and AVR)


Make the PCB from the circuit above, then fill it to the ATmega8 with firmware usb51.hex do not forget to set low fuse = EF (SUT0 = 0, others = 1) and high fuse = C9 (SPIEN = 0, CKOPT = 0, BOOTSZ1 = 0, BOOTSZ0 = 0, others = 1). Of course, charging into the ATmega8, firmware downloader tool is needed. Well for those who need a filling firmware can contact my mail, or come to Teknik Elektro Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto CP: Arif JT


Notes Keys to Success for AT89 S-Series:

  • For Minimum system at89s51/52... use capacitor elco 1uF and Resistor 10kOhm for reset circuit.

  • First time this circuit connect to USB PC, notification update driver USBasp must have done, just update the driver file from folder PROGISP172 at folder windows driver


Circuit  or Mirror if broken link 

Firmware_main.hex  or Mirror if broken link

ProgISP172 widows progam interface for this USB downloader

Mide2517 (editor, compiler, simulation and  link to burner/programmer)




Software Unik

Elektro Series




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